- The Whig-Standard (Kingston, Canada)

Want more positive press for your event?

The Wade Henry Show is visually stunning, unique and photo-friendly.  It's a spectacle that draws the attention and interest of local media.

On booking The Wade Henry Show, you'll always receive:

      • A Press Release that you can forward to your local media as you see fit 
      • Press-friendly photos
      • A short Bio for your own website or promotional use.

The Cajun Heartland State Fair

(Lafayette, Lousiana)


-The News-Press (Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

"He also ate fire.." 


-The Plain Dealer
(Cuyahoga County Fair, OH)

"...astounds the audience..."

-Bradenton Herald

(Manatee County Fair, FL)

"...a matter of balance..."


-The Morning Call (The Great Allentown Fair)

"Crowds enjoy the action...."

-Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico State Fair)

"...wow-the-crowd abilities..."

(Cajundome State Fair, LA)

"See what makes this performer so...memorable." 

-WLOX News, Biloxi Mississippi    (2:21 min)



(West Palm Beach, FL)


"It was a sensational sight..."

-The News Chief (Sunset Festival, Winter Haven, FL)

The Great Allentown Fair


(Allentown, PA)

"....balances a machete on his nose..."


"Things you don't see everyday at the Fair!"

(The Georgia National Fair)

"...entertaining with his  unusual stunts...."

-Boca News-Press (Boca Art Fiesta)



-Sun-Sentinel (Boca Christmas Festival)

"...delighted thousands of people..."

-Kingston Whig Standard (Kingston Buskers Rendezvous,  Canada)

"That's amazing....come on out and see Wade!!"  


-Fox 26 News, Houston, TX      (Click on image below)

 "...a lot of audience interaction..."

Sumter County Fair (Bushnell, FL)

"They're great shows."


-The Daily News (Destin Festival of the Arts) 


-The News-Press
(Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

"...kept crowds laughing..."

-Daily Advocate (Dark County Fair, OH)

"....electric two-way communication between performer and audience...."

-Ivey InTouch Magazine(University of Western Ontario)

"...works his magic..."

-London Free Press
(Western Fairgrounds, Canada)

"...leave(s) his audiences with a feeling of wonder...and his shows feature audience 


 -Fairs and Expos Magazine (International Association of Fairs and Expos)

"....amazing stunts..."

(Laurel County Fair, KY)

"Drew hundreds..."

-The News Press(Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

"It's all about coordination...."

-The Punxy Spirit
(Punxsutawney Ground Hog Festival)

PH:  (727) 244-9213

e-mail : ​wade.h@staff.flag.org


(Boca Raton, Florida)

"...for the kids and adults..."

(Swamp Cabbage Festival, FL)