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The Tale of a Legendary Street Performer

 (FICTION, 166 pages, Illustrations, Wade Henry)

                                                     “You planning on performing?” I asked. 

                                                     “Later. These crowds are going to grow. I’ve never seen so

                                                      many here this early in the day.” 

                                                     “You’ll probably get arrested again, you know.”


                                                     “They think you’re a criminal.” 

                                                     Chip just laughed.

What happens when artistic masterpieces become so incredible that they are interpreted as crimes by officialdom?

And how can a small group of inspiring entertainers find their freedom, outwit the power of the law and use their talents to win back the audiences who so admire them?

A skydiving addict. A business school graduate. A legendary street performer. 

Sometimes the most disrelated personalities from the most unusual places become the friends who learn the most from each other.


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