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"...leave(s) his audiences with a feeling of wonder...and his shows feature audience 


 -Fairs and Expos Magazine (International Association of Fairs and Expos)


(Boca Raton, Florida)

"Drew hundreds..."

-The News Press(Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

"...kept crowds laughing..."

-Daily Advocate (Dark County Fair, OH)

"...delighted thousands of people..."

-Kingston Whig Standard (Kingston Buskers Rendezvous,  Canada)



(West Palm Beach, FL)


-The News-Press (Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

 "...a lot of audience interaction..."

Sumter County Fair (Bushnell, FL)

"It's all about coordination...."

-The Punxy Spirit
(Punxsutawney Ground Hog Festival)

"That's amazing....come on out and see Wade!!"  


-Fox 26 News, Houston, TX      (Click on image below)

"He also ate fire.." 

-The Plain Dealer
(Cuyahoga County Fair, OH)

"It was a sensational sight..."

-The News Chief (Sunset Festival, Winter Haven, FL)

"...astounds the audience..."

-Bradenton Herald

(Manatee County Fair, FL)

"...for the kids and adults..."

(Swamp Cabbage Festival, FL)

  The Cajun Heartland State Fair

(Lafayette, Lousiana)

Want more positive press for your event?

The Wade Henry Show is visually stunning, unique and photo-friendly.  It's a spectacle that draws the attention and interest of local media.

On booking The Wade Henry Show, you'll always receive:

      • A Press Release that you can forward to your local media as you see fit 
      • Press-friendly photos
      • A short Bio for your own website or promotional use.


-The News-Press
(Cape Coral Festival of the Arts)

" his magic..."

-London Free Press
(Western Fairgrounds, Canada)

"Things you don't see everyday at the Fair!"

(The Georgia National Fair)


-Sun-Sentinel (Boca Christmas Festival)

The Great Allentown Fair

(Allentown, PA)


- The Whig-Standard (Kingston, Canada)

"...a matter of balance..."

-The Morning Call (The Great Allentown Fair)

" abilities..."

(Cajundome State Fair, LA)

"....electric two-way communication between performer and audience...."

-Ivey InTouch Magazine(University of Western Ontario)

"....balances a machete on his nose..."

"....amazing stunts..."

(Laurel County Fair, KY)

"They're great shows."

-The Daily News (Destin Festival of the Arts) 

"...entertaining with his  unusual stunts...."

-Boca News-Press (Boca Art Fiesta)

"Crowds enjoy the action...."

-Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico State Fair)

"See what makes this performer so...memorable." 

-WLOX News, Biloxi Mississippi    (2:21 min)